The Feynman Technique – How to Learn Faster

Introduction – The Feynman Technique

Everyone can learn faster by using the Feynman Technique. By using this technique, people would understand the topics better than before, and they would be able to retain information for years. To use this technique, you will need to pretend you are teaching someone in the topics you are studying. You will need to follow a series of steps to use that technique effectively.

Step 1: Choose a topic you want to learn

After choosing a topic, study it as much as possible. After you think you are done studying, pretend you are starting to prepare a lecture for your class. It does not matter how you prepare it. You can use a piece a paper, a presentation software, or a word processor to store your “lecture” material. Once you find out what method you want to use, write the name of the topic down as a title of your “lecture” then proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Explain the material in your own words

Explain the material as simple as possible without any jargon in details so a teenager can understand it. This step will help you find some potential holes in your knowledge base. If you find a hole, that means that there may be some parts of the topic that you do not truly understand, and you would most likely not know about it if you are not using the Feynman Technique. If you cannot find a hole, then you understand the topic well. Proceed to the next step if you do find a hole.

Step 3: Review the material if you do not understand a concept

You do not understand the material if you cannot explain it with your own words. Study more until you are able to explain the concepts simply with your own words and with accurate information.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein

If you still do not understand your topic after reviewing it, you will need to find a different source to understand the topic better.

Step 4: Use analogy and illustration to explain abstract topics

If it is hard to simplify your explanation because the topic is too abstract, come up with an analogy. If necessary, use illustration that can help visualize your explanation.


After following the steps above, you should be able to retain knowledge better, be able to understand topics better, and learn at a faster rate after using this technique. It is highly recommended to use the Feynman Technique for any subject. You will be more productive when you are using it.

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