About Earthly Knowledge

Earthly Knowledge is a platform that solves two problems. Problems: companies relying too much on college degrees, and the world has too many inefficiencies including but not limited to pollution. To solve the college degree issue, we provide a free, college-level courses for anyone who wants to learn about any topic. Users can be tested by paying a fee to a local proctor who would watch them take the exams. In addition, we showcase users’ projects that are created for fun or for solving real-world problems with new knowledge and skills obtained from this platform to users including job recruiters. To solve the world’s inefficiencies, we provide weekly news articles that discuss issues that could be solved with better technologies. Furthermore, we will ask users to submit their solutions to any particular problems. Users fund those solutions to make them happen. Then Gizdich Industries, that owns and operates this platform, executes those solutions.

Solving the College Degree Issue

The U.S. is currently in a student debt crises, and the situation is not improving. If all student loans default, the economy would crash. Furthermore, tuition is on the rise because more people are able to attend college due to the availability of student loans. The demand for enrollment is increasing. Thus, the tuition is getting more expensive. Many companies are not helping with this problem because many positions require a bachelor’s degree or higher. Most of the time, degrees are not really necessary because job recruiters mainly use them to prescreen job candidates. A job candidate with a degree shows them that there is a good chance that he or she has enough knowledge and skills to perform his or her potential job duties well. Without a degree in most cases, a person can be rejected before having the chance to prove to recruiters that he or she is qualified to perform the job duties. This can be a problematic because a person can be well qualified, and he or she may get rejected due to not having a college degree. Thus, many people are going to school mainly because of this reason. We have a solution to this problem.

To make college degrees obsolete for most people, we created this platform where it is easy for people to obtain new knowledge, to collaborate with others, and to share their projects for others to see. We are offering a free, college-level, courses in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics for anyone who is interested in learning new subjects. Users can pay an additional fee to be tested with a local proctor per each course completion. We are also offering users an opportunity to design and create projects for fun, and/or for solving real-world problems with new or old knowledge and skills. Users will have a public profile that showcases their achievements, projects, courses taken and completed on this platform, and other activities. Users can have pictures and videos of their projects to demonstrate that their projects actually work as designed. Think of users’ profiles as resumes 2.0. We strongly believe that anyone can change the world for the better with or without a college degree.

Solving the World’s Inefficiencies

Having users interacting with our news articles by submitting solutions and critiquing others’ will improve the quality of life on Earth. Since there will be multiple solutions from users, users will get to vote on the best one. We will set the deadline, and we will choose solutions with the most votes after the deadline.

Before the deadline, users can critique on others’ solutions to see whether or not they are feasible in terms of cost and the science behind them. Feedback like that can let users know any possible flaws in their designs. Thus, users can modify their solutions to remedy those flaws. If a solution with the most votes has a flaw that makes the solution infeasible after the deadline, we will reopen submissions. In addition, we will notify the user, who created that solution, of that flaw.

After we choose a solution with the most votes that has no flaws, we will ask users to fund it. We will also set a deadline to stop funding. If funds are insufficient for the project after the deadline, we will issue refunds to all users who contributed financially. If funds are sufficient, we will offer the user who created that solution if he or she would like to be a part of Gizdich Industries temporarily for this project. He or she would also have a chance to become a permanent employee after the project is complete. If the user rejects our offer, he or she is still eligible to be compensated financially for his or her time and effort for the design work.


We are dedicated to make Earth and beyond more efficient and advanced when it comes to improving the quality of life of all beings. In addition, we are also dedicated to make life more exciting with new technologies. Our mission is to accelerate the advancement of science and technology even further that will improve our earthly world. We work to accomplish towards our mission by creating a community where people can absorb new knowledge, collaborate with others, and share their projects.